About the Author

Feldsmarch is written by William D. Walker, better known as “Bill” to friends and family and “Occupant” to direct-mail marketers.

At one time, this site aspired to be an adjunct to my professional life. Vestiges of that conceit remain. Now it’s just a place where I put words when I feel like it.

Speaking of professional life, I am an economist and lawyer by training.1 Since the year 2000, I have worked in government as a policy and budget analyst (advising three governors), senior policy advisor (working on land use, energy, and climate change), agency budget director, and regulatory economist. It’s hard to summarize that into a tagline, but something like “organizing processes to yield value” will be sufficient.

I enjoy watching hockey and using it for metaphors. My kids’ interest in ultimate frisbee also yields metaphors. Those kids are four in number, all of them arriving in the turbulent 1990s. We watched the first U.S. invasion of Iraq from the comfort of our birthing suite in 1991. On the other hand, the Khmer Rouge finally disbanded shortly after child four was born in 1999, so that’s progress.

The “we” above includes my lovely wife Adria Cannon, named vaguely after the town in Italy, or perhaps after the sea. She helps moms and babies get on the same page with breastfeeding.

I play around with photography. You can see examples of my work at Plenachrome.com.

  1. Ph.D., Environmental and Resource Economics, Michigan State University Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics (merely “Agricultural Economics” when I was there).
    J.D. University of Wisconsin Law School.
    B.S. University of Wisconsin — Madison, College of Letters and Science. ↩